Binkee lock systems develops and produces various lock systems and machines for in particular the asbestos removal and remediation market. These products are offered through a network of dealers in 20 countries.

Take a look at the website to get an impression of our products and to what countries we send our products.


Flexibility is a great asset at Binkee. For you as a future colleague, this means that there are various options for organizing your hours flexibly.

With a full employment
  • 32 hours permanent and 8 hours flexible
With a part time employment
  • 24 hours permanent and 4 hours flexible
  • 16 hours permanent and 4 hours flexible
With a on-call employment

Possibility to work between 10 am to 6 pm with flexible working hours.
For example from 9-12 am and from 1-4 pm

In addition, Binkee has an attractive pension scheme for all employees with a permanent contract.